Save Our Fire Service

Firefighters are dedicated to the saving of lives and property in our communities. Now they need our help to try and stop the cuts to our provision that are being made all over GTR Manchester and the UK. This is all happening under the guise of ‘improvements’ to services. I feel that reducing our fire service provision, entire fire crews loosing their jobs and stretching our resources, while calling it an improvement is just insulting to our intelligence.

As of the 1st of July the Gtr. Manchester Fire Authority is planning to further strip us of even more emergency cover;this at a time when Greater Manchester has the second worst record on fire deaths outside of London. The plan is to remove 4 fire engines from the day provision and 4 fire engines from the night provision. These cuts are a dangerous step for both the public and Fire fighters of Greater Manchester; Nationally Firefighter fatalities are actually going up…is stripping them of the resources they need to do their jobs contributing to this….well you decide……………..
Please offer your support: The Firefighters are asking people to visit their website at and click on your area; it automatically generates a letter to your MP’s and Cllr’s……………

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