Manchester Human Rights activist among British prisoners reporting ill treatment

A message smuggled out of the Ramla, Givon high security prison in an email from members of the solidarity boat crew arrested earlier this week, has accused the Israeli authorities of maltreatment and keeping them in poor conditions.

Among them is Rusholme based Human Rights activist Adie Mormech. Mr Mormech, 30, was among 21 solidarity activists on board the FreeGaza boat Spirit of Humanity, who were taken prisoner by the Israeli navy after they attempted to take humanitarian aid to Gaza from Cyprus on Monday. Their boat was surrounded by 6 Israeli warships and the crew and passengers forcibly removed.

The full text of the email received by British supporters is as follows:“sending this fortuitously, could pass this on to relevant contacts pls thx 02/06/09 Now at Ramla prison, Givon, separated from arab and aljazeera passengers, after being kidnapped by Israeli special forces supported by 6 navy gunships in Palestinian waters 18 miles off the Gaza coast. Unaware of the status of 2 Palestinian Israeli citizens separated on arrest.

4 British nationals including the Captain of the Spirit of Humanity Denis Healey and Adie Mormech, Ishmahil Blagrove and Fathi Jaouadi are being held in the high security Ramla Givon prison where they are also holding former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who was also on board the boat. Conditions at the prison are appalling, 14-20 to a cell measuring 7m by 7m. Nobel Laureate Mairead McGuire forcibly removed in handcuffs and status unknown. Please raise as much awareness as possible of this injustice.”

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