What do our Manchester Labour MPs stand for?

Sir Gerald Kaufman is a Labour Member of Parliament. In his early career he was a journalist and member of the NUJ. Kaufman was elected MP for Manchester Ardwick at the 1970 general election and has represented the Manchester Gorton constituency since the 1983 election.

Voting Record:

LGBT Rights
Strong supporter of Gay rights as evidenced by his voting trend. He supported a vote to allow unmarried and gay couples to adopt children and he voted for the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations in 2007.

Very strong supporter of the Iraq war and voted to support nearly all of the pro-war motions put forward. Along with the majority of MPs, he repeatedly rejected motions that stated the case for war had not been proven and voted to proceed despite getting UN backing. He also voted consistently against any attempt to hold an Inquiry into the events surrounding the decision to go to war.
Privatisation of Public services
Has voted in favour of creating Foundation Trust hospitals in five separate votes since 2001. These all related to the Health and Social Care Bill.

ID Cards
There has been little deviation from the party line in relation to the ID cards scheme. Kaufman is in favour of the introduction of ID Cards and has voted against voluntary registration for the scheme when obtaining a “designated document” such as a passport.

Climate Change
Has no record on voting to help tackle climate change. He was absent for all the key votes relating to the Climate Change Bill.

Promoting Democracy
Sir Kaufman voted ambiguously on policies relating to the transparency of Parliament; He was absent for eight key votes relating to the Freedom of Information Bill amendment which would have included an extension of policy to require MPs to disclose their expenses. Although he did vote to have correspondences’ between MPs and public authorities included as part of the extension to the Freedom of Information Bill.

Kaufman was vehemently opposed to any reform to the House of Lords as is evidence by his voting on the issue. He rejected various proposals which called for change to the appointment system and in the past he has also rejected a call for a cap on private donations for political parties and elections.

Sir Gerald Kaufman is a regular passionate debater in the commons, but even though his record does show a slightly rebellious tendency; overall he tends to vote in line with Labour Party policy.

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