Save Green Jobs, Renewables not Dole!

Vestas UK is one of the largest employers on the Isle of Wight producing blades for wind turbines to sell to the US market. Until recently it had a view to expand into the UK market but after a difficult few months it has announced it will be closing as of July 31st. This will mean the loss of 600 green jobs and the closure of the UK’s most significant wind turbine manufacturing business. All this not long after Ed Miliband announces the creation of 400,000 green jobs by 2015. Wind power is at the centre of the new ‘Renewable Energy Strategy and Low Carbon White Paper’ which sets out how each sector of the economy will help to meet the overall target of a 34 per cent cut in CO2 emissions by 2020 -seems like a counter productive way to implement this policy as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Reasons for the closure of Vestas vary from source to source but pessimism around the future profit margins of the company due to a lack of demand in the UK were sited as a risks to the financial growth of the company since back in March. Other issues raised included an inadequate planning system and a reluctance for local communities to facilitate on-shore wind farms over the costly off shore types.

Incredibly, this Labour government has just spent billions bailing out the crooked banks, and £2.3 billion in loan-guarantees to support the UK car manufacturing industry, as well as offering millions in subsidies to help foreign car companies through the car scrappage scheme; the least they could do is step in to save the infrastructure we are really going to need to ensure our climate security.
Staff at Vestas, local residents along with unions and environmentalist groups including the Green Party are demanding the government nationalise the factories and continue production under new management. This campaign has galvanised support from all ends of the political spectrum….and how do the Vestas management and our government react? Well, they have put up a fence around the occupied plant, have said that the staff who are involved with the protest will be fired and therefore not receive any redundancy, and the police are stopping people and food from getting in!

Please send the workers messages of support to or 07775 763 650 – and if you can, please go to the Isle of Wight to show solidarity. Climate Activist and supporters have now set up a climate camp outside the plant to show solidarity with those inside. Travel details and updates are available on the website:

Come along to the Solidarity Demo this Saturday 25 July @ 12 noon, Vesta HQ in Warrington

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  1. Ed Miliband, as shameful a figure from Doncaster as the town's mayor due to his utter hollow hype. Someone needs to step up to the plate. As usual it's the people.