Another round for Chris Davies!

Chris Davies, the NW Liberal Democrat Euro-MP, has been elected to serve on both the Palestine and Israel delegations established by the European Parliament.

Chris Davies famously told a Israel supporter to “enjoy wallowing in your own filth” during a heated email exchange in 2006. She appears to have baited Davies in a series of emails variously describing him as “anti-Semitic” and a “Jew hater”, this in response to his accusation that Israel pursued “racist policies of apartheid” while posing as a victim. This “10 seconds of madness” led to his resignation as leader of the Lib Dem group in Brussels after his emails were published in the Jewish News and he received the full might of the Zionist Lobby against him.
I am no great fan of Chris Davies, but when it comes to Israel and Palestine he seems to know what he‘s talking about. How anyone would be able to restrain themselves while listening to nonsensical Israeli Government propaganda is beyond me?

17 years have passed since the Israeli Defence Force ‘backed’ massacre at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Not a singular atrocity, but an example of the continued and relentless subjugation of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli “victims“. What justice for the real victims and their families? Who has been held to account? It is enough to break any decent persons patience.

Now we have the damning report from the UN to confirm that Israel knowingly and wilfully committed war crimes on a shocking scale only a couple of months ago, all the while keeping an entire population under siege by force with no access to medical aid or proper sanitation, with no access to building supplies to rebuild their lives. A million people trapped in a place the size of Manchester having bombs dropped on them with no where to run to in the height of winter. We all saw the pictures and heard the reports, even the censorial talents of the BBC couldn’t whitewash over them.

Chris Davies has an unenviable job ahead of him but I hope he holds on to that anger and that 10 seconds of madness lasts for his whole term…maybe then I’ll join his fan club!

Sabra and Shatila

News Reports from Irish and French TV regarding the UN report

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4 responses to “Another round for Chris Davies!

  1. Lebanese Christian militiamen entered Beirut's Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and committed an atrocity. Israel should have prevented it, but its just wrong to blame only Israel for something done by others. Chris Davies MEP said: "I apologise for the language and tone of my email, which was unacceptable and without justification." But you defend him. "What he said was unacceptable and he recognises that unreservedly." was the LD leaders response. In 2006.

  2. Worth reading about the Israeli governments role in the massacre in the MacBride commission report or watching the documentary 'Massaker' about six former Lebanese Forces soldiers who participated personally in the massacre who stated there was direct Israeli participation; or read Pity the Nation by Fisk.Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said of the Kahan Commission that attempted to investigate the Israel's involvement:"(It was) a great tribute to Israeli democracy… There are very few governments in the world that one can imagine making such a public investigation of such a difficult and shameful episode."

  3. Gayle, I noticed you've quoted the BBC news site. Are they Censorial Whitewashers, or not?Was what Chris Davies said understandable, or unacceptable and without justification?How does the cartoon at the top of the page compare with your seeming desire that politicians be motivated by anger?Could the 'full might of the Zionist lobby' only extract an apology?When we assess who the 'real victims' are, what scale do we use? Was Chris Davies a real victim?If someone forthrightly disagrees with you, rightly or wrongly, would you excuse this sort of language from yourself? Do you think it would do the Palestinian cause good?Your post poses more questions than it answers.

  4. Better angry than apathetic Gordon and he resigned as well. I really do believe that bad things happen often because good people stay silent.The cartoon was drawn by a local political cartoonist Polyp, he is very talented and gives an interesting perspective.The real victims are the people living in the biggest outdoor prison on earth – Gaza. My heart goes out to those who experienced the rocket attacks in Israel but that doesn't excuse the subjugation of the people of Palestine and the war crimes committed by the Israeli government.As for excusing his language…I have no idea I don't really understand the rest of your post sorry.