Think Local, Act Global……go to COP15?

COP15 looks set to be the largest climate summit ever. It will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 7th to the 18th of December. This summit has been billed as our ‘last and best hope’ to do something on a global scale to tackle climate change. But most activists are not confident that these UN talks will solve the climate crisis, at the same time most people know that we cannot continue with business as usual and there is an awareness that we need to work together on a global scale to deal with the issues effectively.

There have been many developments in the world since the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 yet we seem no closer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions than we were when negotiations began fifteen years ago. Globally emissions continue to rise, while carbon trading grants corporations a license to pollute. Western governments seem intent on using the same system that brought us the global economic crash to solve climate change. I feel we must take every opportunity to highlight the contradictory nature of these false solutions and this is why our voices need to be heard at Copenhagen.

I am going to Compenhagen under no illusions about what the Summit itself will accomplish. There are concerns that it will exhaust alot of energy from campaigners locally, but this has never been reflected in my own experience of attending summits. I always come back energised and confident in the growing movement challenging governments and corporations and rejecting false solutions such as Carbon Trading and biofuels. As a member of the Green Party delegation in Copenhagen I plan to meet campaigners from all over the world who are coming together to discuss climate change and real solutions to this problem. Personally I am most interested in attending the People’s Summit for Climate Justice which will be made up of NGOs, climate change activists, anti capitalists and indigenous people from the global south who are on the front line fighting climate change and its effects.

I believe that it is activists who should set the Agenda for Copenhagen and not tired politicians who are constantly failing us. We should come together and discuss real solutions to the growing crisis as it is clear that the a few dominant governments will be doing their best to avoid making any real commitments to change.


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