Lightbrigade Project

Hi Greens and Green Supporters,

A pilot anti – climate change campaign is being run in Greater Manchester for the next 5 weeks. It’s challenging businesses to switch off lights when they’re closed.

The aim is to get the general public to email in photos when they’re out in the evening of shops/offices that have left light on and they’ll use it to challenge the business.

Watch this YouTube to get more information:

It’s called The Light Brigade. The website is:

The facebook group is:

And the twitter account is: Lightbrigadeorg.

The group would be really grateful if you could circulate the details of this project and spread the word, as without people knowing, the impact won’t be as big.

Best Wishes
Gayle O’ Donovan


One response to “Lightbrigade Project

  1. Hi, This was an idea my partner and I had for something to do locally- we intend to run a 'naming and shaming' campaign.Interestingly, when i wen to scou-out the town centre just after Christmas, I found our local Oxfam Shop was closed but had its lights on in broad daylight.This is the letter I sent to the Oxfam Shop manager and their national office:The ManagerOxfam shop2, George Street,TamworthB79 7LH5th January 2010Dear Sir / Madam, Early in December my family and I, with tens of thousands of others, attended the inspiring Climate Change Wave demonstration in London.It was heartening to see so many people committed to halting catastrophic climate change and I was pleased to see this initiative was supported by a great many charities including Oxfam. On the return train journey, we discussed what could be done locally to raise awareness of the need to cut CO2 emissions in the New Year. One idea we hit upon was a ‘naming and shaming’ campaign- using a website and the local press- against those shops and businesses which think it acceptable to leave their lights on all night.So, imagine my disappointment when, shopping in Tamworth town centre on Monday 28th December, I found that the Oxfam shop, whilst not even open, had lights on in the window in broad daylight!I suspect those light must have been on throughout the previous night and, presumably, all the days and nights throughout the Christmas period- wasting electricity and contributing to the very global warming that the huge banner in your window claims you are working to prevent.To be fair, Oxfam is not the only culprit in Tamworth town centre but the fact that you claim to promote social responsibility would make it doubly embarrassing if you were to be the first ‘named and shamed’ shop.I look forward to an explanation of your policy but, more than that, I look forward to you switching off the lights in 2010!With best wishes, Rob