Manchester Green Candidate proposes Robin Hood Tax motion

Gayle O’Donovan, Green Party candidate for Manchester Central in the coming general election, proposed to the Green Party’s spring conference in London that the Greens should support the Robin Hood tax campaign fronted by actor Billy Nighy (Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean) and supported by a large number of charities.

The Financial Transaction Tax would impose a very low tax on financial products such as stocks, bonds and derivatives but raise around £250 billion for investment in international development and climate change.

Gayle said: “This simple tax would have enormous global benefits and I was proud to be one of the proposers of a motion to the Green Party’s Spring Conference that the Greens should support the campaign.

“We have all watched as the banks suddenly get profitable again and start to award themselves huge bonuses, yet the rest of the world remains in financial turmoil. Aside from the urgent need to curb the bankers’ bonuses, there is a real opportunity to benefit those in most need around the world.”

Brian Candeland, Green Party candidate for Manchester Withington, who was also at the Party’s spring conference, added “The Green Party has been a long-time supporter of a tax of this nature; it’s good to see its growing support as more and more people realise the massive gap between the financial elite and the rest of us”.


  • The Green Party’s Spring Conference is in London from 18th to 21st February.
  • The motion was passed unanimously by the conference.    

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