Why we are campaigning for an Ian Curtis Memorial Bridge in Hulme.

Hulme has always been a unique place, one of the few places to be completely raised to the ground twice in living history: seeing the destruction of the Victorian back-to-backs, followed by the demolition of the 1960s brutal modernist architectural known as the crescents. One significant victim of the redevelopment was nightclub known as the Russell Club, host to (Manchester music promoter and Grenada Reporter) Tony Wilson’s ‘Factory’ night. This nightclub was where Joy Division regularly played during their brief existence. Indeed Joy Division recorded the version of Transmission that can be heard on the B-side of Atmosphere in Hulme (July 1979).

In the year Joy Division first played in Hulme, 1979, the upcoming Manchester rock photographer, Kevin Cummins, photographed the band in various locations around Hulme. The most iconic of these photos is probably the one of the band on Epping Walk Bridge, one of the narrow pedestrian footbridges that spanned the Princess Parkway. This photograph recently adorned Joy Division’s greatest hits album cover. This is the bridge that we want to re-name in honour and memory of Ian Curtis, who took his life exactly 30 years ago on May 18th.

Hulme locals are all too aware of how marginalized and put-upon this part of Manchester feels, which is partly why we want this campaign to succeed. The bridge itself is already known to certain locals as ‘Joy Division Bridge’. The re-naming of this bridge would allow fans and visitors to Manchester the opportunity to visit the bridge and recreate Kevin Cummins photographs and to celebrate the city’s fine musical heritage. Fans of The Smiths, regularly congregate around the entrance to Salford Lads’ Club, featured on one of their albums. Renaming the bridge gives Joy Division fans their own part of Manchester.

Since we set up the Facebook page just over a week ago to find out the level of interest before setting up a Hulme petition. It has rapidly expanded up to nearly 700 members, including Kevin Cummins himself. We believe that if this campaign succeeded then we’d be putting Hulme back on the map, restoring some local pride, creating yet another reason for people to visit our fine city, and saluting a local legend.

Renaming the bridge would be another chapter in Manchester’s rich musical history.

For more info join our Facebook Group:http://tinyurl.com/iancurtismemorial

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  1. Blimey,Green Party member in 'cool' shock!

  2. Like the idea of a memorial to Ian Curtis. But really think it should be a tribute to the whole band members of Joy Division and New Order.