On yer Bike…

Filled in a questionairre from Love your Bike and the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign. Here is my answer to one of the questions mixed with some GP stuff…….

5) What policies does your party have to encourage more people to
cycle to work, school, shopping or for leisure purposes?

We will fight for cheaper, greener accessible public transport that is truly integrated. We will encourage green planning decisions that have quality neighbourhood centres within walking and cycling distance to communities. We would call for more investment and research into travel behavior change programs, this would include changing the road hierarchy to put pedestrians, people with disabilities and cyclists the top.

Train fares in England are some of the highest in Europe. The Green Party would bring trains under public ownership to ensure we have a better service and lower fares. By doing so we can provide a real alternative for those wanting to leave their car at home.

We would divert money currently being wasted on huge road projects (about £30bn) and put more of the UK’s transport budget into public transport, especially local schemes for walking, cycling and bus-travel.

We would spend £1.5bn subsidising existing public transport to make fares up to 10% cheaper and £30bn over the Parliament on investing in a better system.  This will have the effect of strengthening communities, promoting a greater appreciation of place, reducing crime, improving the health of the population, and reducing traffic fatalities.   And it would also create 160,000 jobs.


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