My Manifesto for Hulme Ward, May 2010

Adults and Older People
·        We will promote the interests of the elderly by supporting quality services in housing, home care and support for vulnerable people. We will oppose all cuts in the services which they rely on.
·        We will fight for improved town planning to demand that housing, shops and key services are all within walking and cycling distance.
·        We will ensure that our streets are safe for people to walk and cycle, promoting good health and reducing congestion.

Homes and Housing
·        We will help build a strong network of tenants’ and residents’ groups with proper support and training for active volunteers. 
·        We will work with Housing Associations and landlords to make sure the needs of residents are clearly understood and properly provided.
·        We support plans that would create more affordable housing, as long as the development promotes the welfare of local residents and maintains Hulme’s green spaces.

Crime and Community Safety
·        Greens wish to abolish ineffective and counter-productive ASBOs and promote community-led policing.
·        We will look to improve the design of Hulme, to help provide safer streets and better public spaces.
·        We will promote equality in our community – more equal societies enjoy better health for its citizens and lower crime rates. 

·        Greens will strive towards ambitious year-on-year targets to increase the proportion of sustainably grown food eaten in Hulme
·        We urge the Council to institute Meat-free Mondays in all its facilities, and to encourage its partner organisations to do the same, helping to promote healthy eating and carbon reduction.
·        We will identify all available unused land that may be utilised for community groups to grow food. We want to create a new category of  planning designation for “environmentally sustainable community use”.

Our Children and Young People
·        We will fight for high quality local schools, including a high school, as there are limited educational opportunities for our young people.
·        We will fight for safe and stimulating play areas in Shawgreen and Monton. We will develop our sports and leisure centres, and look to expand holiday activity programs, facilities and clubs for young people.
·        We will work with schools to ensure young people receive free Cycle Training to help them take short journeys by bicycle safely.

·        We pledge to fight for the complete abolition of student fees and will campaign for an increase in maintenance grants.
·        We will campaign for stronger legislation and better mediation to ensure that student landlords provide quality, well-maintained housing.
·        We will seek to establish a network of community representatives to work towards better integration of students within our community.

·        We demand investment in bus and rail travel, and will push to bring bus services back under public ownership and control. Manchester Green Party is affiliated to the Campaign for Free Public Transport.
·        We will continue to campaign for more night buses and for affordable greener buses through service agreements with bus companies.
·        We will encourage people to abandon their cars by making our public transport efficient, safe, and reliable.
·        We will campaign on the 20’s Plenty initiative for a new, properly enforced 20mph speed limit for residential streets. The safety of our young people, cyclists and pedestrians must come first.
·        The Britannia Basin Traffic Scheme promised by Labour has been endlessly delayed. We will work hard to finally get this implemented.

·        We pledge to help make our neighbourhoods greener and cleaner and will work to increase the availability of high-quality recycling facilities.
·        We will seek the long term funding required to renew and repair roads, cycle lanes, footways, and lighting in Hulme.
·        Greens continue to call for building regulations to be tightened, so that new buildings, extensions or conversions meet tougher environmental and energy-efficiency standards than those now applicable.

Democracy and Governance
·        We will hold regular surgeries, visit and help residents throughout the year, listen to their concerns and seek their views on local issues. We will distribute regular newsletters and explore other ways of communicating regularly with residents e.g.local community radio, blogs etc.
·        We call for public consultations to be conducted at an earlier stage of decision-making, rather than rubber stamping decisions already made.
·        We oppose privatisation or outsourcing of any Council Service.
·        We will work to establish a living wage  for all council employees and contracted workers, and promote a living wage as widely as possible for other employers in Manchester.

These policies offer a radical, alternative to those offered by the mainstream parties. I believe they are necessary, realistic and sensible They are necessary if we are to shift to a sustainable economy and society. When we are able to deliver these sorts of manifesto policies, then we will be giving future generations at least a fair chance of peace and prosperity.

I look forward with great excitement to serving the people of Hulme as their Councillor, and with your help I can do so. Please support me at this year’s local elections by giving your vote to the Green Party. I look forward to meeting as many residents as possible during my campaign, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Can't see to find an email contact for you, here or on your election communication.I am aware that you will be bombarded with messages at this busy time, but I would appreciate a quick clarification. What is your view on the Digital Economy Bill, and how do you plan to address issues of online openness and freedom if elected?YoursLaurence Kaye (Bradford Ward)