Greens receive highest ever number of Green votes in Hulme, Manchester

For Immediate Release

Friday 7th May 2010 Manchester Green Party failed to win Hulme their target Ward in the local elections, finishing third in a tightly run contest with Labour and the Lib Dems.

Despite losing, Green candidate Gayle O’Donovan remains upbeat about the performance of the Greens commenting “with 1171 votes we have achieved the highest ever record of Green votes in Hulme or any other ward in Manchester since 1997 when the party first started campaigning in our local elections”.

Manchester Withington Green Party candidate in the General Election, Brian Candeland, also praised Green voters for voting on local issues rather than following national trends, saying “the popularity of the Lib Dems has surged since the televised leader’s debates leading to a squeeze on the local Green vote across the country, however in Hulme the Green vote actually increased”.

Following the announcement of the Manchester Withington election result in the Town Hall earlier this morning, Brian Candeland congratulated John Leech on his return to Parliament and reminded the successful Liberal Democrat candidate of the need for electoral reform, saying “Due to the inherent problems with the first past the post system your victory depended on many Green voters giving you their vote. Please do not ignore their demands for a Greener Manchester”.

Both Brian and Gayle also paid tribute to Caroline Lucas’ historic victory in Brighton Pavilion making her not only the first Green MP in the UK but also Europe’s first Green Member of Parliament elected without the use of proportional representation.

If you would like more information or an interview with either Brian Candeland or Gayle O’Donovan please contact Iain Hepworth on 07977488061 or email:


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