Worrying reports

Woke up this morning to hear reports that Israel have attacked a convoy of 700 human rights workers travelling in a flotilla of boats, aiming to deliver among other aid 10,000 tonnes of concrete to help rebuild Gaza, medicines and school supplies. The activists aimed to peacefully break the illegal siege by Israel. Reports that human rights campaigners have been shot have not been confirmed yet but sources on the ships are saying up to 20 unarmed civilians have been killed. This is an immoral despicable act of piracy by Israel committed in international waters 90 miles from Gaza where Israel have no jurisdiction. Israeli commandos descending from helicopters stormed the six-boat flotilla in the early hours of this morning, the death toll rose steadily from around 2am. Dozens more have been injured. Around 40 British nationals are on board the flotilla, European and Turkish parliamentarians, and citizens from countries including the USA, Malaysia and across Europe were on board the flotilla, attempting to break the siege. 

Emergency protests have been called in London today outside Whitehall and in Manchester at the BBC Building, Oxford Road at 5pm today. The mainstream media coverage of this will no doubt be woeful so please spread the word. If you cant attend please consider taking part in the on-going boycott of Israeli goods as a form of targeted economic protest.


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