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Greens receive highest ever number of Green votes in Hulme, Manchester

For Immediate Release

Friday 7th May 2010 Manchester Green Party failed to win Hulme their target Ward in the local elections, finishing third in a tightly run contest with Labour and the Lib Dems.

Despite losing, Green candidate Gayle O’Donovan remains upbeat about the performance of the Greens commenting “with 1171 votes we have achieved the highest ever record of Green votes in Hulme or any other ward in Manchester since 1997 when the party first started campaigning in our local elections”.

Manchester Withington Green Party candidate in the General Election, Brian Candeland, also praised Green voters for voting on local issues rather than following national trends, saying “the popularity of the Lib Dems has surged since the televised leader’s debates leading to a squeeze on the local Green vote across the country, however in Hulme the Green vote actually increased”.

Following the announcement of the Manchester Withington election result in the Town Hall earlier this morning, Brian Candeland congratulated John Leech on his return to Parliament and reminded the successful Liberal Democrat candidate of the need for electoral reform, saying “Due to the inherent problems with the first past the post system your victory depended on many Green voters giving you their vote. Please do not ignore their demands for a Greener Manchester”.

Both Brian and Gayle also paid tribute to Caroline Lucas’ historic victory in Brighton Pavilion making her not only the first Green MP in the UK but also Europe’s first Green Member of Parliament elected without the use of proportional representation.

If you would like more information or an interview with either Brian Candeland or Gayle O’Donovan please contact Iain Hepworth on 07977488061 or email:


Manchester Green Candidates back Older People’s Pledge

It is shameful that Britain’s state pensioners, 2 million of whom still live in poverty, are effectively penalised for having savings or private pensions. Meanwhile, grandparents who provide childcare worth £3.9 billion a year, many spending three days a week caring for grandchildren, receive no recognition for their contribution to society. To make matters worse, over-complicated, intimidating, and humiliating means testing is so off-putting that pensioners are leaving up to £2.9 billion of council tax benefits unclaimed. The other parties have made a few token gestures to older people, but the Green Party alone is committed to making Britain a better place to age in.

The Green Party’s pledge for Older People: 

– To end the over complex pension credit system and ensure a decent basic pension for everyone of £170 a week which would be linked to national earnings.

– Free insulation to help fight fuel poverty. 

– Free personal and nursing care for all older people. 

– Freedom for older people to work. 

The figure of £170 per week is calculated as the minimum required to keep the basic state pension above the official poverty line, according to the National Pensioners’ Convention, in its Pensioners’ Manifesto, which calls for a range of measures to improve conditions for older people.

The three Manchester parliamentary candidates:  Gayle O’Donovan, (Central), Justine Hall (Gorton) and Brian Candeland (Withington) support the pledge.   

Gayle O’Donovan said “After a lifetime of hard work and contributing to society, pensioners deserve better than having to scrape by on an inadequate state pension. It’s only fair that the basic state pension should be enough to live on.”   

Justine Hall said “As a young person I value the experience and wisdom of older people. We should end the default retirement age, so that people would have the freedom to go on working and contributing to society if they wished to, free from discrimination on the basis of age”. 

Brian Candeland added “The costs of personal and nursing care are something which many people worry about as they approach the later stages of their lives.  Scotland already provides free social care for all who need it, we should have the same provision in England.”  

The Greens have spelled out how the £170 basic state pension would be funded : 
There are roughly 12 million pensioners living in the UK and a further 1 million living abroad. Paying a single rate of £170 per week, and a couples rate of £300 per week, will cost £110bn per year. The current basic state pension, plus certain other specific pensioner benefits like Pensions Credits paid to those of pension age (which would become redundant if the basic pension rate was raised to the level we propose) costs £70bn. For the remaining £40 billion, the Green Party would abolish tax relief on pension contributions (£20 billion), and the national insurance rebate on employer and employee contributions to private pension schemes (£19 billion). The final £1 billion would come from increased income tax receipts from pensioners.

Why we are campaigning for an Ian Curtis Memorial Bridge in Hulme.

Hulme has always been a unique place, one of the few places to be completely raised to the ground twice in living history: seeing the destruction of the Victorian back-to-backs, followed by the demolition of the 1960s brutal modernist architectural known as the crescents. One significant victim of the redevelopment was nightclub known as the Russell Club, host to (Manchester music promoter and Grenada Reporter) Tony Wilson’s ‘Factory’ night. This nightclub was where Joy Division regularly played during their brief existence. Indeed Joy Division recorded the version of Transmission that can be heard on the B-side of Atmosphere in Hulme (July 1979).

In the year Joy Division first played in Hulme, 1979, the upcoming Manchester rock photographer, Kevin Cummins, photographed the band in various locations around Hulme. The most iconic of these photos is probably the one of the band on Epping Walk Bridge, one of the narrow pedestrian footbridges that spanned the Princess Parkway. This photograph recently adorned Joy Division’s greatest hits album cover. This is the bridge that we want to re-name in honour and memory of Ian Curtis, who took his life exactly 30 years ago on May 18th.

Hulme locals are all too aware of how marginalized and put-upon this part of Manchester feels, which is partly why we want this campaign to succeed. The bridge itself is already known to certain locals as ‘Joy Division Bridge’. The re-naming of this bridge would allow fans and visitors to Manchester the opportunity to visit the bridge and recreate Kevin Cummins photographs and to celebrate the city’s fine musical heritage. Fans of The Smiths, regularly congregate around the entrance to Salford Lads’ Club, featured on one of their albums. Renaming the bridge gives Joy Division fans their own part of Manchester.

Since we set up the Facebook page just over a week ago to find out the level of interest before setting up a Hulme petition. It has rapidly expanded up to nearly 700 members, including Kevin Cummins himself. We believe that if this campaign succeeded then we’d be putting Hulme back on the map, restoring some local pride, creating yet another reason for people to visit our fine city, and saluting a local legend.

Renaming the bridge would be another chapter in Manchester’s rich musical history.

For more info join our Facebook Group:

Vote Gayle O’Donovan for Hulme and Manchester Central

As people are no doubt aware I am standing in the Local Elections on May 6th for Hulme, my home. In a local election, you vote for the councillors who work to deliver good public services for all people, to hold the Council executive to account, and to safeguard our interests and security. However, I am not convinced that our current Hulme councillors are doing this effectively. With the support of local residents, campaigners and Hulme Green Party I have been encouraged to stand. We really do need an alternative voice to the Big Brand Parties on Manchester City Council. And YES, we stand a good chance of winning, with your help. The Greens were just 50 votes away in Hulme in the last local election!

Here is an outlined map of the ward:
Some info on Hulme Ward……

This year, both the Local and General elections are likely to fall on the same date – May 6th – and, as we are a small party with limited resources, part of our strategy is to stand candidates in both elections in some areas of the city. A set of elections together like this pose a big challenge for Manchester Green Party but we are confident that with your support we can gain a seat on the local council for Hulmegiving us your vote in the local election will make a difference.

If you want to vote, make sure nothing stops you – ensure you are registered –

By standing in the General Election (as well as the local one) I wish to give disillusioned people in the Manchester Central constituency the chance to vote for someone who is not in the Big Brand Parties – parties whose policies are interchangeable and tainted by scandal, cuts and corruption. The current voting system means that I am not likely to win a parliamentary seat in Manchester Central this time but we can win a council seat in Hulme so I urge you to give us you local election vote. If you really want to vote for one of the other parties nationally you are of course free to “split your ticket” by voting for different parties for either election. I’d understand that choice.

Being angry but not voting suits corrupt politicians just fine. They benefit from apathy and the show goes on regardless. So I urge you to turn your anger into action and vote for an alternative on May 6th – the only wasted vote is one in which you don’t believe in, a vote for the same old thing when you want change.

Here is some information on Manchester Central Constituency – it comprises of the following local government wards: City Centre, Hulme, Moss Side, Ardwick, Bradford, Ancoats and Clayton and Miles Platting, Moston and Newton Heath.

Here is an outline map of the constituency:
And for more info….

Let’s get a REAL Green Voice on to Manchester City Council

Hello friends,

It’s less than 14 weeks to the local election!!!!

We need an alternative voice to the Big Brand Parties on Manchester City Council and YES, we stand a good chance with your help (the Greens were 50 votes behind in the last local election).

To make this happen we rely on people like us, that’s people like you because we don’t accept money from dodgy private companies; please give some time this Saturday to distribute leaflets to the Hulme community telling them what we are about and/or do some door knocking.

Come to our Action Day in Hulme, this
Saturday 6th of February – Get Involved in something big!

12.00 Meet up at ‘Kim by the Sea’ Cafe* for tea/coffee

12.30 Briefed, then some people will split into groups of 2-3, get a bunch of leaflets, an allotted small area & maps – give an hour or two if you can.

Others can go in groups and knock on doors to speak with local residents.

***February’s Action Day will be even more interesting than usual as we have a local film maker coming to make a short film about what were are up to. It is up to you weather you want to be filmed or not just let us know****

Please help spread the word about this event.

Best Wishes
Gayle O’ Donovan

*Kim by the Sea, 49 Old Birley Street, Hulme, M15 5RF
Map for directions:

Lightbrigade Project

Hi Greens and Green Supporters,

A pilot anti – climate change campaign is being run in Greater Manchester for the next 5 weeks. It’s challenging businesses to switch off lights when they’re closed.

The aim is to get the general public to email in photos when they’re out in the evening of shops/offices that have left light on and they’ll use it to challenge the business.

Watch this YouTube to get more information:

It’s called The Light Brigade. The website is:

The facebook group is:

And the twitter account is: Lightbrigadeorg.

The group would be really grateful if you could circulate the details of this project and spread the word, as without people knowing, the impact won’t be as big.

Best Wishes
Gayle O’ Donovan